Kefir Krepki suhec 1,5% 500 g

Kefir Krepki suhec 1,5% 500 g


Kefir Krepki suhec and all other kefirs from the Krepko Dairy are made from traditional kefir grains from the Caucasus and from pasteurised and non-homogenised Slovenian milk.

Kefir Krepki suhec, with 1.5% milk fat is made from Slovenian pasteurized, typed and non-homogeneized milk. Production of Kefir Krepki suhec is carried out in the traditional way, with kefir grains, which is a speciality of  Krepko dairy. Thus, during the fermentation process, natural CO2, lactic acid, ethanol and other smaller components that affect the taste of kefir produced in the traditional way.


Nutritional value (average in 100 g)

Protein 3,2 g
Carbohydrates 3,8 g
  of which sugars 2,7 g
Fat 1,5 g
    saturated fatty acidse 1,0 g
Dietary fiber 0 g
Sodium (naturally occurring) 0,04 g
Energy value 175 kJ/42 kcal

*Allergens: milk