The Science on Kefir

An overview of the most recent as well as older scientific articles on kefir and its health beneficial effects is available on the server of PubMed. PubMed contains more than 19 million quotes from biomedical literature from the MEDLINE database, scientific journals and e-books.

These mostly include freely available excerpts from scientific articles as well as some whole scientific articles. Most of the articles are written in English (type the following key words in the search box: kefir, kefir grains, probiotics, etc.).

Scientific articles on kefir are published in the most renowned international scientific journals:Pubmed

  • Toxicology,
  • Journal of Applied Microbiology,
  • Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology,
  • Journal od Dairy Science,
  • Nutrition and Cancer,
  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry,
  • Mechanisms of ageing and development,
  • Archives of Pharmacal Research…

Fully available reviewed scientific articles on kefir and its health beneficial effects:

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