The Legend of Kefir


The legend of kefir is covered in a veil of mystery, for it has not been established to this day where kefir grains came from. The efforts of many scientists to artificially produce kefir grains possessing the same health beneficial effects as the natural grains have so far been unsuccessful.

The legend among the peoples living in the Caucasus Mountains has it that kefir grains came from the Prophet Muhammad and are hence often called the Prophet’s grains. Muhammad is also supposed to have taught them how to make traditional kefir from kefir grains.

The Caucasus – The Home of Kefir Grains.

The Caucasian peoples had kept the Prophet’s grains a secret from the rest of the world for more than 1,400 years before it became known that they drank some kind of elixir of life up in the Caucasus Mountains and could live up to 150 years. Kefir is also mentioned in the travels of the medieval explorer Marco Polo. The first kefir grains were only brought to Moscow in 1908 and then slowly spread to Western countries as well.

The kefir grains of Dairy Krepko also originate from the Caucasus Mountains.

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