The Story of Dairy Krepko

The story of Dairy Krepko began in 1992 when couple Dunja and Brane Kelečević brought live kefir grains from the former USSR and started producing traditional kefir at a small dairy factory in Laze pri Logatcu. They were led by their passion to familiarise Slovenians with this natural probiotic drink of the Caucasian centenarians, regarding which many wonder if it is a miracle or a gift from the Gods.

After nearly 20 years of operation, Dairy Krepko is a modern dairy producer that respects the highest milk processing standards. It still remains true to the traditional method of producing kefir from kefir grains and also holds the strict certificate for the processing of organic milk into BIO/organic dairy products (controlled by KON-CERT, SI-EKO-001).

In May 2009, traditional Kefir Krepko won the highest award in an international competition, THREE STARS and the title of TASTE OF THE YEAR 2009, awarded by iTQi, the leading International Taste and Quality Institute, based in Brussels. The award for exceptional quality and taste was conferred by a panel of chefs and sommeliers from 75 countries at the award ceremony in Brussels.

Dairy Krepko is the only dairy producer in Europe specialised in the traditional production of kefir from kefir grains. Our range of products includes the traditional Kefir Krepko (3.5% m.f.), the traditional Kefir Krepki Suhec from half-skimmed milk (1.5% m.f.), other fermented milk drinks and special cheeses.

All of our products are high biological value foods. They are made from high-quality non-homogenised Slovenian milk (conventional or organic). They are intended for high-end, health-conscious customers with a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

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