We have the pleasure to announce that dairy Mlekarna Krepko has obtained the IFS certificate.

What is the “IFS Food Standard“?

“IFS Food Standard” is the internationally recognized standard in the food industry, which establishes new criteria for the safe and high-quality processing of dairy products.

Therefore, dairy Mlekarna Krepko complies with the highest international safety and quality standards for the production of dairy products.

The requests for the production of safe food, made by increasingly aware consumers, are the most important task and the responsibility of food producers. Proof of a responsible approach has become one of the most important purchasing criteria.

IFS standard is the fulfilment of strict requirements and high standards for quality and food safety, including environmental and social responsibility. Services cover the entire food chain from animal food to finished food products on shelves, including their packaging, transport and storage.

IFS standard gathers together the requirements of HACCP system according to the Codex Alimentarius and, in addition, the rules of good practice for production, business, hygiene,traceability and labelling of food products.

For the consumer, this means that dairy Mlekarna Krepko products are produced according to IFS high international standards, which guarantee safe and irreproachable products.


DAIRY KREPKO complies with the strictest requirements for the BIO/organic processing of dairy products.

Dairy Krepko operates in compliance with the HACCP standard – assuring the high quality of products and protecting the health of consumers.


The national logo »organic« guarantees that the production, processing, packaging, storage and transport of organic crops, food and feed are in compliance with the applicable organic farming regulations. The right to use this label is obtained on the basis of a valid certificate, awarded by the authorised national certification body. The application for the use of the label must be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment.

EU organic

The official EU logo for organic food products
can be used by anyone that meets the conditions for organic production and processing set out in Council Regulation (CE) 834/2007 and Commission Regulation (CR) 889/2008 and that has obtained the certificate from the relevant authorised national certification body. The label provides consumers with a guarantee of origin and quality of food products. As of July 2010, all pre-packaged organic food products inside the European Union must bear the label and the voluntary use of the label is also allowed for non-pre-packaged organic food products produced inside the EU or all organic products imported from third countries.

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